TransTel AH-99

The TransTel AH99 Single Line Telephone is ideally suited to both Hospitality, as a hotel room phone, and Business applications where a single line phone with special features is an advantage.

The AH99  features 5 programmable memory keys that can be custom configured for services in Hospitality applications for example: Operator, Front Desk, Voice Mail, Room Service, …and a variety of other services. In Business applications these keys can represent access to system features or they may store frequently dialed telephone numbers. The Hook Delay feature can prevent putting a call on hold in the PABX by accident.

The AH99  is an easy-to-operate and affordable single line telephone. It features handsfree capability, message waiting indication, and is wall mountable if required.

Features :

  • Be-Paged Function available for TransTel and Hybrex systems.
  • Flash Time selectable
  • Handsfree
  • Hook Delay
  • Mute
  • Pause
  • Redial
  • Ringer Volume Selectable

Data Sheet


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  • Specifications:
  • -5 Function Keys.

    -5 One-Touch Dial Memory Keys.

    -Dial Signal DTMF / Pulse.

    -Flash Time: 100mS / 300mS / 600mS

    -Lamp Indicators :Message Waiting – DC 90V.

    -Incoming Call

    -Mute Mode

    -Handsfree Mode

    -Ringer Volume: Hi / Med / Lo, 3 levels.

    -Accessories : Line Cord / curly cord.

  • Features:
  • -Be-Paged Function available for Hybrex GDS systems.

    -Flash Time selectable


    -Hook Delay




    -Ringer Volume Selectable


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