Artech was established in July 1994 with 8 million (Taiwan dollar) of investment and has made up to 1 billion of total annual sales.

Mr James Chen, the CEO of Artech has established headquarters and branches in Artech Taiwan (Headquarter), Artech Shenzhen (China Branch), T-Solution (Bangkok, Thailand Branch). Artech has a total of 60+ employees with mostly product developers and technology engineers.

Artech’s core values are dedication, efficiency and sharing – which have been the engines behind their growth and success.

Artech TAP

Voice Capture


Stand Alone Recorder

AQ Series

VoIP, Analog, Radio

AK Series

VoIP, Analog, Radio

BF Series

VoIP Lines and Ext Recorder

Why you may need business call recording

Not every business needs to record customer calls. But the benefits of call recordings can be big, even for small businesses, and with ARTECH the costs are low so recording in your business is now very cost effective.

If your company frequently receives calls from customers and you don’t record at least a portion of them, you could be missing out on easy ways to improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and — most importantly — drive revenues.

Voice Recorder Solutions