In 2000, Epygi Technologies was one of the first IP PBX manufacturers for the small to medium-sized business market. Since then, we have continued to be a leader in the telephony industry. Epygi, a worldwide provider of award-winning IP PBXs and Gateways, was founded with the idea that every company, regardless of their size, should have the opportunity to own the latest in feature-rich and economically-priced VoIP technology.

Epygi’s headquarters is in Winter Park, Florida, where all of our sales, marketing, executive development and product design takes place. We also have an international location in Yerevan, Armenia, where our R&D and software development occurs. Throughout the company, we employ over 30 engineering, administrative and marketing professionals. We believe in fostering a tight knit corporate community where innovative ideas are encouraged, curiosity is welcomed and teamwork is valued. Our employees are truly our greatest asset.

You may be wondering, “Why ‘Epygi’? What does it mean?”. The story begins in the year 2000 with our founder searching for a company name similar to the word “apogee,” which means “the farthest or highest point.” It was through the meaning of this word that the name, “Epygi,” was finally developed. Today, we continue to strive for the “highest point,” by providing your business with the most innovative telephony solutions in the industry.

Epygi QX20

IPBX up to 20 Exts

Epygi QX50

IPBX up to 50 Exts

Epygi QXT1/E1

PRI ISDN Gateway

Epygi QXFXs24

24 FXs Gateway

Epygi QX500

IPBX up to 500 Exts

Epygi QX200

IPBX up to 200 Exts


4 x BRI ISDN Gateway

Epygi QXFXO4


Epygi QX2000

IPBX up to 2000 Exts

Epygi QX3000

IPBX up to 3000 Exts

What We Do

Epygi remains at the forefront of the telephony industry, due to our commitment to innovative R&D and product design. We are committed to improving the efficiency and productivity of your business through innovative products and feature capabilities. Epygi Technologies’ products provide economical options that do not compromise on quality. We believe that whether your company is made up of one or 2,000 people, we can provide you with a dependable PBX or Gateway. With such reasonable prices, it’s hard to believe the multitude of features that are available in one compact appliance, and the best part is, there are no hidden costs.

Why Us?

Reliable, secure, easy to install and use, Epygi’s products offer your company outstanding benefits and an unparalleled range of features, all at an affordable cost. With Epygi, your company can improve its productivity, lower operating expenses and enhance its image. Not only do we personally manufacture all of our products, but we also interact directly with our Distributors and Integrators, so that we can anticipate what our consumers want and need, in their IP PBXs and Gateways. This interactive strategy allows us to improve our products with new updates and requested features. We are committed to unparalleled innovation, superior service and dependable manufacturing. Your business is our priority, and once you have us on your team, you’ll never know how you survived without us.

Mission Statement

Epygi Technologies, a leading telephony communications company, is committed to innovating and marketing affordable networking products and services that will enhance your broadband experience globally.