Small Hospitality Solutions

Good communications is at the heart of every successful hotel. With a Hybrex hospitality solution customers enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet the specific needs of their industry.

From small hotels, to some of the world’s most famous luxury establishments, Hybrex provides communications solutions:

  • Guest Service
    When dealing with guests, little things matter, like greeting your guests by name, managing their privacy and ensuring guest services are delivered in a timely manner while being sustainable for your staff to use. Hybrex experience in the hospitality sector enables hotels to manage guest experience with a minimum of fuss.
  • Operational Efficiency
    In a busy hotel environment over 80% of staff are mobile, delivering service, answering calls and managing back office tasks. Hybrex offer intuitive interfaces to reduce training time, mobility options to free staff from fixed locations and integrated applications to manage service requests
  • Intelligent Building
    also offer IBS (Intelligent Building System) functions that offer options such as SIP Video Intercom, Room Video Access Pads and Access Control Service.
  • Guest Emergency Notifications
    Hybrex  offer a Hotel a unique set of feature in guest Health and Safety. When guest dials the emergency 911 or 111 number the emergency services operator will hear a special voice announcement identifying the exact room number of guest in the hotel. At the same time the Hotel Operator is notified by the Hybrex calling and the operator is conference into the Guests emergency call so it can be managed by the Hotel and Staff can be dispatched to asset the Guest.
  • Deployment
    At Hybrex we appreciate every hotel is different. Make technology front and centre of guest experience or use technology in the background to deliver service excellence. Hybrex is a hybrid solution offering Hotels the choice to blend of analog, digital, cordless and IP technology to meet hotel requirements.

Why Choose Hybrex for your Hospitality Solution

We recognise your choice of partner is an important part of the solution. You need a partner that understands the industry, can relate to your operational requirements and deliver a class leading solution. Your partner should have a track record in the hospitality sector and be capable of providing the best possible on-going support.

Hybrex has a proven history and track record with a wide range of Hotel chains choosing us.

Hotel Application

  • PMS interfaces: Micros/Fidelio/Opera/Opera Express and Mitel Emulation
  • Guest voice guided features for voice mail, wake up, do not disturb etc.
  • Custom Wake Up recordings
  • Guest Emergency features to conference front desk and emergency center with auto voice message announcing exact room location for emergency services location identification
  • Guest Emergency Evacuation Call to ALL rooms simultaneously with Emergency Announcement to phone answer.
  • Emergency Call Bumping – Guest requires 111 or 911 service to bump existing conversation if all lines are busy.
  • Be Paged Single Line Telephone Set
  • Handicap Room Services- Emergency pull cord alarm/shower alarm
  • Walkie Talkie/Mobile Radio Interface for bridging communications between Hotel and service/maintenance staff
  • Two wakeup calls per room
  • Calling Guest Room Name Display
  • Reservations Call Center
  • Suite Service – Multi extensions to share one extension number.
  • Mobility options for Hotel Staff
  • Access Control Options (Video or Voice)