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3228V Vandal-Proof Station Port (FXS) Doorphone

The 3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone provides a simple-to-install telephone integrated entry security intercom solution for business and residential applications. Visitors cause a telephone to ring which enables conversation when answered and the capability to allow remote entry using door release features. Designed to emulate an analogue telephone set, the 3228 connects to any FXS gateway or telephone system analogue station port. The 3228 Doorphone includes a Control Unit, Door Station, and Power Supply. The Control Unit and Door Station can be connected with a single twisted pair wire up to 1,000 feet (300 m) with the Door Station located outdoors and the Control Unit in a dry indoor location.
  • FXS analog station port interface to a telephone system, analog terminal adapter (ATA) or CO / land line .
  • Rugged low-profile appearance to dissuade vandalism.
  • Solid milled aluminum anodized faceplate which resists dents, cigarette lighter burns, etc.
  • Offset grill pattern to minimize sharp object penetration to intercom speaker and microphone.
  • NEMA 3R outdoor rated.

User Manual


The 3228V vandal-proof analog station port intercom is UL/CSA and FCC certified. This doorphone kit includes a controller, vandal proof intercom station, a surface mount bracket for wall mounting, tamper-proof screwdriver and 24V power supply. The intercom station can also be flush mounted into a double gang box (not included). Mounting gaskets are also included in the kit for installing the intercom in any outdoor environment.

How the Algo Analog Station Port Intercom Works

  • Visitors press the call button on the 3228V intercom station to initiate calling a designated number configured in the device.
  • Answering the intercom call enables two-way communication with the visitor. Any telephone, device or client on the UC platform can communicate with the doorphone if integrated to a telephone system (e.g., mobile or wireless phone, soft client on a tablet or laptop, desk phone).
  • Alternatively, the doorphone can be called directly from any telephone or device. The doorphone will auto-answer to permit a two-way voice call via the intercom station.
  • During the intercom call the telephone keypad can be used to enter a door open code (e.g. digit 6, or up to four digits). Once activated the doorphone access control relay will permit a momentary unlock of the entrance for the visitor to gain access through the door or gate in a secure and efficient manner. Note: Duration of the relay activation is configurable, as is the open code.

Secure Door / Gate Access Control

A controller + intercom station are two components of the 3228V doorphone kit. The controller provides the telephone connection and the relay for door / gate access control. As the controller is generally located inside the premise, the 3228V is a secure solution in the event there is tampering of the public-facing intercom station. The access control relay is in no way exposed, and unauthorized entry to the building is prevented.

The 3228V access control relay can connect to any type of industry standard door strike, gate activation system or access / security control panel. A 30V 1A normally open or normally closed relay is available from the controller for this purpose. A door strike is not included with the 3228V doorphone kit.

Generally, it is best the strike power be provided using the manufacturer’s power supply, however, the 3228V doorphone can provide 24V DC strike power (current limited to 300mA). The power supply is earth grounded to meet safety and regulatory requirements when extending the doorphone outside the perimeter of the building to a gate.