8138 IP Color Visual Alerter

The 8138 SIP Strobe Light is a SIP compliant, multicast capable, PoE strobe light. The flash intensity can be chosen to suit the application and environment. There are non-flashing patterns for passive gentle notification and aggressive patterns for maximum conspicuity in busy environments.
The 8138 is typically wall or ceiling mounted. The 360° x 180° visibility, 15 available flash patterns, and 4 color settings makes the 8138 suitable for notification and alerting of telephone, emergency, safety, and security events. Light output is equally intense in every direction unless a directional pattern is chosen.
The 8138 SIP Strobe Light can be activated by:
• SIP Ring
• SIP In-Use (Subscribe Notify)
• Dry contact closure input
• Multicasting
Multiple Algo endpoints in a SIP environment require only one device to register as a SIP extension. Multicasting capabilities allow the SIP registered strobe to flash and simultaneously stream multicast events to the other Algo strobes, speakers and paging adapters in any combination and number of endpoints.
The 8138 SIP Strobe Light is configured using central provisioning features or by accessing a web interface using browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

The 8138 IP Color Visual Alerter is UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified.