eQall Softphone

eQall, an award-winning softphone developed by Epygi, is compatible with Microsoft Windows and mobile devices using Android and iOS. In 2020, it received recognition for Industry Innovation, earning Epygi the prestigious INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award.

eQall can be effortlessly installed on desktop PCs, laptops, and smartphones, enabling VoIP calls directly via the internet. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, mirroring the functionality of Epygi’s supported full-featured desk phones.

Designed as a comprehensive replacement for desk phones, eQall is exclusively intended for use with QX/UC IP PBX appliances and Epygi ecQX, the cloud-based PBX system. Upon license activation, it registers as an extension to the QX/UC/ecQX system, functioning as a standard PBX extension without the need for a physical desk SIP phone.


Key Features of eQall:

  • Automatic Provisioning: Automatically provisions by scanning the QR code generated on QX.
  • IP Address Detection: Automatic detection of the IP address for connecting to QX (LAN IP, WAN IP, external router public IP, etc.).
  • NAT Traversal: Uses “Symmetric” SIP/RTP for NAT traversal when eQall is behind a NAT.
  • SIP Proxy: Establishes a connection with QX using a SIP proxy, allowing selective port opening for SIP on the QX firewall.
  • Multiple SIP Accounts: Supports registration of up to 8 SIP accounts on the same or different QX systems.
  • Call Quality Indicator: Provides in-call call quality indicators for an optimal user experience.
  • Audio and Video Codecs: Offers a range of audio codecs, including G.711a/u law, G.722, OPUS, G.729, iLBC, and video codec H.264.
  • Auto answer
  • Presence status
  • Separate ringing device selection
  • Software Updates: Automatically checks and updates software versions.
  • Call Notifications: Provides Windows notifications upon call completion, including call termination time, destination, and duration.
  • Basic voice and video calls
  • Call hold and switching between calls
  • Call history
  • Blind and Consultative Call Transfer
  • Call Park
  • 3-Way Conference
  • Embedded chat, SMS/WhatsApp Messaging
  • Voice mail indicator: It not only notifies you of new voicemails but also offers the convenience of one-click access to your mailbox and all shared voice mailboxes.
  • Call Forwarding: Indicates unconditional call forwarding status and allows easy toggling.
  • Secure Communications (TLS, SRTP)
  • Call Recording: Provides a call recording indicator with the option to toggle recording on/off as needed.*

Up to 20 Multi Programmable Keys for the following:

  • Watching dialog status of extension: inactive call, ringing, idle
  • Presence status of extension: online, offline, away, etc.
  • Call back
  • Call block
  • Line info
  • Speed dial
  • Call park
  • ACD agent login/logout
  • Shared voice mail
  • Toggle day/night schedule

Receptionist Console for the following:

  • Show the status of up to 100 watched extensions (ringing, talking)
  • Call to the watched extensions
  • Leave voice mails to the mailboxes for watched extensions
  • Transfer calls to the watched extensions
  • Intercept the calls to the watched extensions

Multiple contact lists:

  • MS Outlook contact list
  • eQall’s own contact list
  • QX contact list (QX phone book)
  • Favorites contact list populated from the above-listed contact lists
  • Messaging (including in-call messaging)
  • Secure Communications (TLS, SRTP)

Without a doubt, integrating Epygi’s eQall softphone into your VoIP solution promises to be an exceptional enhancement. Whether you’re drawn to its array of benefits, the convenience it offers, or the cost-saving potential, eQall is designed to cater to the evolving requirements of your expanding business.

* Will be available in the future.