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Designed for the way you work, Versity allows you to manage tasks and teams easily, at the office or on the go. You get all the power, performance and functionality of an enterprise-grade device with the sleek look and feel of a personal smartphone.

Purpose-built to support today’s mobile workforces, Versity offers the best features of both a consumer smartphone and a ruggedised enterprise phone.



  • Versity 9540 – Wi-Fi smartphone
  • Versity 9553 – Wi-Fi with barcode scanner smartphone

LTE Option:

  • Versity 9640 – Wi-Fi and LTE smartphone
  • Versity 9653 – Wi-Fi, LTE with barcode scanner smartphone

Features include:

  • Sleek, slim and light like a consumer smartphone
  • Superior Wi-Fi coverage, noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Available LTE option for workers on the go
  • True hot-swappable batteries
  • Latest Android OS 8.1 and Google certified for access to the broadest range of applications
  • Durable form factor and waterproof with IP-68 rated enclosure
  • Industrial barcode scanner
  • Purpose-built features i.e.PTT, Alert button and Safe mode options

Spectralink Versity measures up to your toughest enterprise requirements without compromising style, flexibility or performance.