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"True IP Phone Mobility"
A dedicated phone for everywhere there is Wi-Fi

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Artech - Voice Recorders
Voice recording solutions for every business

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The Perfect Fit for every small business

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Dect and WiFi solutions for the enterprise Business

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Looking for great products?

ALGO Products

Using standard SIP connections the ALGO range of Pagers, Door Phones and Alerts will work in almost any environment

Artech Voice Recorders

A solution to suit every business and their recording needs, the range includes VoIP, analogue, mobile, Primary rate and Basic rate recorders.


This range of cost effective, easy to use dual band Wifi phones are ideal for a large range of business applications

Spectralink DECT Solutions

Built on the international DECT standard, Spectralink Dect provides a cost effective, highly secure and reliable telephony solution.

Leading the way in Telecommunications Technology and Development

Everlea Group is focused on producing the best solutions for all of our customers.

We select products only from the World's best technology vendors , Products that are well tested and we know will work well in the market.

We also have a strong R&D focus- if your customer has a technology need we will work with the factories to create a solution right for them.

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